Privacy Policy


At E-WealthFX, a subsidiary of INK SOCIAL LIMITED, safeguarding the privacy and security of our esteemed investors remains our utmost priority. We encourage you to carefully review our privacy policy, which delineates the terms and conditions governing the information and services we provide.


Key Points:


Periodic Updates: We retain the right to periodically modify our privacy policy. Therefore, we recommend regular visits to this page to stay informed about any changes.

Recent Privacy Notice: Your personal information is subject to our most up-to-date privacy notice. It is imperative to acknowledge that significant alterations in this document may prompt update notifications to our valued investors.

Employee and Third-Party Handling: If you are an employee or third-party service provider within the E-WealthFX family, rest assured that your personal data, business policies, and contractual relationships align with our existing policies. Effective communication remains a cornerstone of our company.

Address Context: References to “our,” “us,” “we,” or ‘’INK SOCIAL LIMITED’’ and “E-WealthFX” pertain to each group company within 30 DYMCHURCH CLOSE, POLEGATE, ENGLAND, BN26 6ND, as contextually relevant.

About Us

E-WealthFX, a subsidiary of INK SOCIAL LIMITED, is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our investors. This privacy policy outlines how we collect, use, and handle personal data. Please read it carefully.


Information We Collect and Store:


As part of our business operations, we collect personal data from investors and potential investors, including:


- Names, surnames, and contact details.

- Income, wealth, assets, liabilities, account balances, tax information, and financial statements.

- Employment information.

- Geographic information.

- Data related to trading risk tolerance and experience.

- IP addresses, device characteristics, and trading history.

- Bank accounts, e-wallets, and credit card details.

- Details of visits to the E-WealthFX site or applications, including traffic data and communication logs.

Cookies and Data Collection:


We utilize cookies to gather and store information regarding your interactions with the E-WealthFX website. These small text files, stored by your browser on your device's hard drive, enable us to enhance your experience by adjusting personal settings and preferences. Further details about our cookies can be found in the "Our Cookies Policy" section on our website.


Business Transaction Records:


We maintain records of your business transactions, including:


Products traded with E-WealthFX

Historical investment data

Specific product and service preferences

For institutional investors, additional information such as company addresses, shareholder details, and managerial personnel may be required to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.


Data Acquisition Sources:


We gather data through various channels, including:


Services usage

Website interactions

Account and demo registrations

Webinar participation

Cookies and tracking technologies

Third-party sources such as marketing lists, social media, brokers, and affiliates

Communication Records:


We may record communications electronically or by phone pertaining to the services provided and our relationship with you. These records serve as evidence of communication between the company and investors.


Surveillance Measures:


Please note that our offices or facilities may be equipped with CCTV cameras for security purposes.

We may share your personal data with:

●     E-WealthFX group companies.

●     Third-party application providers.

●     Service providers for various purposes.

●     Promotional service providers for affiliated brokers.

●     Payment service providers and banks.

●     Auditors, consultants, and contractors.

●     Law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

●     Third parties necessary to enforce our agreements.

●     Individuals authorized by you.

●     We ensure that third parties receive only the necessary personal data for fulfilling their contractual obligations. Third-party websites linked from our platforms are not governed by our privacy statement.



Investor Rights and Complaints


Investor Rights:


As an investor, you are entitled to the following rights:


Access to Personal Data: You have the right to access the personal data we hold about you.

Correction of Personal Data: If any of your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you can request corrections.

Deletion of Personal Data: Subject to legal requirements, you can request the deletion of your personal data.

Object to Processing for Direct Marketing: You can object to the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes.

Request Restriction of Processing: You may request limitations on how we process your personal data.

Transfer of Personal Data: You can request the transfer of your data to a third party.

Withdraw Consent: If we process your data based on consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent.

Investor Complaints and Requests:


We are committed to addressing investor inquiries promptly. Our approach includes:


Timely Responses: We aim to respond to all requests within one month.

Complex Requests: For complex or large requests, we will provide updates and inform you if additional time is needed.

Fee Considerations: In certain cases (unfounded, excessive, or repetitive requests), a reasonable fee may apply. We will notify you of any such charges before proceeding.

Refusal: Refusal to comply may occur only in exceptional circumstances.

At E-WealthFX, we hold your privacy and rights in the highest regard. If you have any inquiries or require additional clarification, please feel free to reach out. Our commitment lies in safeguarding your personal data transparently and in compliance with relevant legal frameworks.